Gianni Mimmo & Harri Sjöström

May 2023

Heart-felt And RigoRous Improvisation – Sometimes
Jazzy”, Often Striving To Rearrange Our Minds
Great Intonation And NNonsense IMImpression.
Music Made Once!

Evan Parker


01. Announcement [3:24]
02. Remoteness [5:54]
03. Posture/Gesture [3:26]
04. Pas de Deux [8:26]
05. Tear and Darn [6:20]
06. Signaling [5:05]
07. Recommendation [4:53]
08. Spark Strategy [2:47]
09. Ondina [6:05]
10. Encyclopedia at Glance [8:36]


Gianni Mimmo: soprano saxophone
Harri Sjöström: soprano & sopranino saxophones

All tracks by G. Mimmo and Harri Sjöström except 08 by H. Sjöström and 09 by G. Mimmo
Recorded at Teatro San Matteo, Piacenza, Italy on 2022, April the 9th.
[Tracks 1-3 afternoon session, tracks 4-10 evening live concert]
Sound engineering, mixing and mastering: Lorenzo Sempio – InterPlay Recording Studio, Milano, Italy
Cover photo: Harri Sjöström
Inside photos: H.Sjöström by Luciano Rossetti [©Rossetti-PHOCUS], G. Mimmo by Uli Templin 
Liner notes: Evan Parker
Graphics: Nicola Guazzaloca
Executive production: Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

Special thanks to Guido Lavelli for his warm friendship and logistic support.