A Watched Pot (Never Boils)

Gianni Mimmo, Francesco Cusa, Andrea Serrapiglio

Jun 2007


_ Crust
_ Submerged Singer
_ Unanswered °
_ Seasoned Drama
_ Put To Sleep
_ Pot Head Pixies
_ Cartoon Shouter
_ The Inner Broadcast
_ Possible Endings #1
_ Clinched
_ Creek On The Athlete §
_ Climber
_ Athlete On The Creek §
_ Answered *
_ Possible Endings #2


Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone
Andrea Serrapiglio _ cello, lo-fi electronics
Francesco Cusa _ percussions

music _ GM & AS & FC except ° by GM & AS, * by AS & FC, § by GM & FC
recording _ January 07 Mu.rec. studio, Milano , Italy
sound engineer & mixing _ Paolo Falascone
outside image _ Toshikatsu Endo
inside image _ Jan Håfström
graphics _ Mirko Spino
production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

Jazz Word
Ken Waxman

Mimmo’s skill lies in his ability to switch from abstract to tonal without missing a beat, even in altissimo territory. As finely etched as some of his legato phrasing may be, however, it doesn’t mean that he won’t whistle and vibrate the reed to its limit

Jason Bivins

[…] Mimmo’s got a great sound, and plays with a provocative linear imagination.

Jazznet Denmark
Henrik Kaldahl

[…] The three musicians together manage to produce incredibly innovative and captivating music with great varity, as you quite surely have not heard before.

A strong achievement
Stef Gijssels

[…] Gianni Mimmo is an Italian soprano saxophonist who, although using traditional styles, really has a great approach to avant-garde jazz, and this album is a wonderful example of what modern music can sound like without alienating listeners. He is joined by Andrea Serrapiglio on cello and Francesco Cusa on percussion. 

The three manage to create little gems of free music, playing their instruments with an almost classical tonality and sound, while the musical approach is exquisitely modern.