Jul 2022

Like flowers in a storm,
life is full of goodbyes.

Masuji Ibuse [1898 – 1993]

Second album for Clairvoyance, a trio that sublimates improvisation through a blessed chemistry, delivering a perfectly balanced music where elements coming from different derivations and attitudes find grace and essentiality, freshness and solidity. Narrative spots and timbral consciousness inform this classy band and make this record unmissable!!

Clairvoyance's fundamental orientation--an orientation that, collectively and individually, represents a compositional stance toward improvisation. This stance consists in a sense of developing form, of bringing to bear such values as balance, symmetry or asymmetry, repetition and variation, kinship and contrast, and so forth to the improvisational dynamic. In effect, this is an architectural way of conceiving of the deployment of sounds in audio space, in real time. 

Daniel Barbiero


  1. Last Cranes In The Pond [4:51]
  2.  Transient Clouds [4:52]
  3.  Shinjuku [5:54]
  4.  Those Telegraph Poles [4:22]
  5.  Tilting At Crazy Angles [2:16]
  6.  Rippling Lake [4:32]
  7.  Garden Maze [5:04]
  8.  B&W Vanishing Train [5:56]


Music by G. Mimmo, S. Corda, A. Orrù
Recorded at Penty Service [] Cagliari, Italy on 2021 October the 27th, mixed and mastered at NeuroHabitat,Cagliari, Italy  by Simon Balestrazzi
Cover photo: Hashira YAMAMOTO | HashiLaboratory
Inside photo: Angelo Palmas
Graphics: Mirko Spino
Executive production: Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

Special thanks to Walter Mostallino and Simon Balestrazzi for their support and friendship.